22 Sep 2021

Our Work Success Examples

Dedication Our customer needed to meet a

22 Sep 2021

Our customer needed to meet a year end goal at a time of high crew demand. TSC secured and kept 18 crews working through the busy year-end holiday season. The crews finished the year strong and our customer was able to hit their goals.


TSC’s customers compete to win business for their company. They also compete internally with other professionals within their organization for performance. Our customers’ leaders that partner with TSC consistently perform better.

  • Completed project for customer who wanted to complete the first 5G site on the East Coast
  • Installation of Small Cell Coverage for two recent Super Bowls
Rapid Ramp-Up

Our customer landed a new project and needed to show they could deliver. In one month, TSC ramped from zero to 14 crews, doubling the customer’s production.

  • When the carrier that our customer was working for changed its team that did not favor our customer and sought to recruit competing vendors, TSC was brought in to substantially improve performance. Through this work TSC captured 100% of the carrier’s build plan.
  • Our customer had a challenge in a northeast market and was looking for a committed partner. The project team called TSC. Together we weathered the storm and provided the customer with a long-term, stable crew base.
  • Building T-Mobile’s first Anchor site was a challenge. Our customer chose TSC as its sole source to provide 21 crews to build 38 sites in 3 weeks during the height of the pandemic in a major northeast metropolitan area.
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