22 Sep 2021

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Our Services Since 2006, TSC has provided

22 Sep 2021

Our Services

Since 2006, TSC has provided wireless telecom construction crews and management for tens of thousands of sites across the East Coast.

This year we will offer committed project management for over 100 crews and are ready to quickly deploy to your market.

Timely and efficient, our crews are adaptable to meet your needs. We bring over 20 years of reliable experience to your project. TSC manages the crews efficiently to help make your project successful.

What we offer:

  • Fully-trained crews (Line & Antenna/Civil/Electrical)
  • Vehicles and test equipment readily available
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • In-house Permitting group
  • In-house BTSE/Integration support group
  • Third Party Closeout group
  • Five warehouse locations – all have crew training facilities
  • In-house Certified NWSA testing centers
  • Third party warehousing/logistic partner (NWS Wireless)
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